Basic Rider Course (BRC)

Cost: $340.00 | We provide the motorcycles. Offer use of full-face helmets. Please read the FAQ section to see your responsibilities. This course is structured to introduce new riders to motorcycling and also is a great refresher course for riders who may be currently licensed to ride a motorcycle but have not ridden for some time. Once a rider successfully completes the BRC, they may be eligible to receive a waiver of the state road/skills test to add a motorcycle endorsement to their driver license. For most, there’s no need to test at the MVC. And most of us have fun. Motorcycling is serious fun.

Students enrolled in the BRC are provided the use of small displacement motorcycles for the course. You do not have to own a motorcycle to see if motorcycling is for you. The typical BRC class is two and one-half days in length and includes classroom and closed course rider training. 

  • This is a minimum 15-hour course; five classroom hours and 10 hours riding a motorcycle

  • The motorcycle and helmet are provided.

  • Graduates of this course are usually qualified for a New Jersey MVC motorcycle license test waiver.

  • Graduates may qualify for insurance premium discounts with some motorcycle insurers.

  • Completion of the BRC satisfies the requirements of the Department of Defense Instruction regarding motorcycle training for active duty military members and civilians operating a motorcycle on military installations. The BRC also satisfies the training requirement for active duty members operating a motorcycle off of military installations.

Read more of the course requirements here.

Experienced Rider Course (BRC2)  

Cost: $125.00 rider / $25.00 passenger / $175 w/ license waiver (if seeking M endorsement)

The Experienced Rider Course (ERC) has been redesignated by the MSF as the BRC2. The BRC is a great way to become familiar with motorcycling. Now you can enjoy structured practice on your own bike.  (Participants must bring their own bike for the BRC2 courses.)

Whether you have been riding for one year or throughout your lifetime, the BRC2 has something for you.  During this course you will develop and hone skills for cornering, braking, and swerving maneuvers.  

The Basic RiderCourse 2(BRC2) was developed to address the critical skills and knowledge needed for enjoyable on-street motorcycling. This course allows the rider to experience a training course on their own motorcycle. The course is also an excellent course for returning riders to refresh their skills.

Additionally, in this course you will have the option to gain experience for riding alone OR with a passenger (two-up riding).

Riders are expected to use their own motorcycle. Personal motorcycles must be street legal, in good operating condition and pass a routine pre-ride check given as a part of the course. Riders must provide their own riding gear, which includes a DOT certified helmet, eye protection, long sleeve shirt or jacket, full-fingered gloves, long pants and sturdy over-the-ankle footwear (no canvas sneakers).

Many riders find that taking this course every year or two is very valuable and fun. Groups are welcome and always find this course a great way to spend the day with your friends and bonding with your bike.

  • This is typically a 6 to 8 hour course.

  • Participants use their own motorcycle and DOT approved helmet (we check the helmet and the RiderCoach decision is final on this. Absolutely no riding will be permitted wearing a non-DOT novelty type helmet. You will forfeit the course fee.

  • Completion may qualify the participant to be eligible for a 2 point reduction on their driving record..

  • The BRC2 qualifies as a Defensive Driving course for automobile insurance in New Jersey. 

  • If you wish to qualify for the M license test waiver you MUST take the skills evaluations at the end of this course. Pre-arrangements are necessary. Ask when registering.

NOTE: You must provide your own legally registered, insured, and inspected motorcycle, helmet, eye protection, over the ankle footwear (non-canvas), full fingered gloves, long pants and long sleeves.  Out of consideration for our neighbors and the safety of all participants, CJRT, Inc. may refuse course admission if the RiderCoach determines the motorcycle exhaust is unreasonably loud. This decision by the RiderCoach is final and tuition is non-refundable.



Mercer County Community College
1200 Old Trenton Road, West Windsor, NJ 08550

Atlantic Cape Community College
5100 E Black Horse Pike, Mays Landing, NJ 08330

Register by calling 1-877-308-2578


Here’s what others have said…

“This was amazing.”

“I’ve had my license for some time, having had just enough skills to pass the test, but was never really confident until after this weekend. I’m enjoying my bike in a whole new way!”

— T.L.

“Awesome weekend, guys!”

“I typically hate school, but I can’t imagine how different my riding experience would be if I didn't take this class. You were informative, knowledgeable, and you made the exercises fun!”

— M.W.

“I’m telling my friends.”

“Even the most basic maneuvers have now been improved. I don’t just know where my motorcycle is going, I know where my eyes, head, and body are all going next, too. This was so valuable.”

— A.N.