One-on-one, two friends, or couples’ skill building.

This personalized training is tailored to your individual skill level and gives you the personal attention to improve your riding abilities and confidence level. This is also a great learning experience for couples or small groups. We want to make this fun and valuable to riders of all skill levels. The goal is to provide you with riding skills practice that you can continue to refine on your own after the lesson. Investing some time and money in your riding skills can greatly improve your experience.

Consider spending some time with us if:

  • You have previously taken the safety course, but would like additional riding time to increase your comfort level these private sessions may be for you

  • You want to increase your riding comfort level. We specialize in this and have received outstanding feedback.

  • Some period of time has passed since you have ridden a motorcycle — maybe a couple hours will allow you to assess your riding

  • You have recently purchased a motorcycle and would like to gain some confidence and experience in a low-stress, one-on-one environment

  • You are an actor and need motorcycle riding preparation for a movie or television role

If you own a motorcycle and have experience riding but do not currently have the motorcycle license endorsement, we offer many flexible options for you to earn your motorcycle license endorsement.

These private sessions are popular and must be scheduled in advance. Each session is usually scheduled for two hours.