NEW FOR 2019 - the 3 hour Online MSF eCourse! We will supply you with a code to take the eCourse. DO NOT PAY for the course, as we will not reimburse you. When you register a link will be provided allowing you to take the eCourse without additional charge. You must show up for the Saturday session with the printed proof of eCourse completion.

For the Basic Rider Course you do not need to have any motorcycling experience, but you do need to have recent bicycle riding skills. You will need to have the ability to balance and stabilize a two-wheeled vehicle prior to beginning the class. Previous motorcycle riding experience is not required to enroll in this course (although it can be very helpful). However, you must be physically able to balance and ride a bicycle.

You may be asked to demonstrate your ability to ride a bicycle. If you cannot, you will be denied entry into the class and tuition will be forfeited.

You cannot learn motorcycle skills without your ability to balance a two wheeled vehicle.  If you have basic balance problems, you will be dismissed from the course.  If you have not ridden a bicycle in a long while, we encourage you to practice on one before attempting to ride a motorcycle. This course is designed for teaching basic operation on a motorcycle and does not guarantee the safe operation by the student.

For the Experienced Rider Course / BRC2 participants must have an "M" endorsement on their driver's license and provide their own street legal, registered and insured motorcycle. They must also provide proof of motorcycle liability insurance. Current riding experience is required. They must feel comfortable handling the bike in less than ideal conditions such as heavy traffic, bad weather, etc. This course is designed refresh your skills. It will address special handling situations and accident avoidance techniques.

The BRC2 License Waiver option is now offered for those who have up to date riding experience and can proficiently operate a motorcycle but have not previously obtained the motorcycle endorsement to their automobile license. This will be a one day classroom/written test, 9 riding exercises, and 4 skill test evaluations to qualify. This option is not a replacement for the BRC if you need to develop basic riding skills and licensing. This option is for those who already own a motorcycle and can ride that motorcycle through these exercises. A private or semi-private BRC2 may be available, for information about this option please contact us.


If you ride a scooter, or plan to ride a scooter as your primary two wheel machine, we can help. Mention the scooter option when you call. We love scooter riders.


Students must possess a valid driver's license.

Bring water, PowerAde or Gatorade, or other non-alcoholic beverages. Limit caffeine drinks which can cause dehydration. Snacks for range times are recommended. We take lunch breaks during the Basic RiderCourse. No lunch break is scheduled during the riding portion of the Experienced Rider Course BRC2. Range sessions are physically demanding. Remember, you will be OUTSIDE, IN A PARKING LOT, WITH NO SHADE! We ride in most weather conditions. Dehydration and heat exhaustion can come on quickly. Drink plenty of fluids 1 to 2 hours prior to the start of your range session.  Sunscreen, rain gear, and a layered clothing are good things to have available. Please arrive well-rested.

Required Gear:

1. D.O.T. approved helmet (we provide one if you do not have one). No non-DOT novelty type helmets will be allowed to be worn.

2. Shatter-resistant eye protection.  This can be prescription glasses or regular sun-glasses made of plastic lenses.

3. Long sleeve shirt or jacket (think about the weather conditions, you will be outside during most of the training)

4. Long jeans/pants (no holes, no extremely baggie legs)

5. Sturdy high-top shoes or boots constructed of leather or similar material must cover the ankle bones (no canvas sneakers). Please be aware that you will be shifting a motorcycle, very thick, deep lug boot soles may present a challenge.

6. Gloves that cover the entire hand. Leather riding gloves or leather work gloves are appropriate. Keep in mind you will be holding onto handlebars and operating the throttle and clutch and brake levers.

7. Two-piece or one-piece rain suit. No poncho type rain gear (if rain is in the forecast).

You are responsible for your riding gear and personal comfort items.  We provide helmets only. It is very important to consider the weather forecast for the scheduled class time.


As much as we would enjoy having every student successfully complete the course, it does not always happen.  The Basic Rider Course is designed to allow a majority of novice riders to develop the basic road riding skills within the standard course structure. Because riding a motorcycle involves the acquisition of physical skills, we know that not everyone will be successful on their first attempt. 


Your safety and the safety of the other participants in the class is our primary concern. Unfortunately there are times when a student is not able to demonstrate sufficient control of the motorcycle. Participation and/or payment of tuition does not guarantee successful completion. Students may be removed if they can not meet the objectives of each riding exercise and will not be eligible for a refund. The decision of the RiderCoaches concerning not allowing a rider to continue is final.

If you should fail one of the tests, written or riding, you have several options available to you.  You might consider enrolling in the course at a later date. Due to the fact that the Basic Rider Course is approved by the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission for waiver of the MVC skills test, it is mandatory that the course is passed in order to receive a certificate of completion. 


If you complete the entire course but are unsuccessful with one of the tests, there may be options available to you. Depending on your particular situation, you may be eligible to enroll in an A-BRC class at a future date, enroll in one-on-one tutoring, or you may be eligible for a retest. You must call the registration number 1.877.308.2578. Your RiderCoach may not be able to provide you with the information. Please call.

Students who cannot meet the minimum standards of the basic skills required to proceed in the class or students who become a danger to themselves or their classmates and are not allowed to continue the training program. If the RiderCoach determines that you fit into one of these categories, you will be informed of the determination and not allowed to continue the riding portion of the program. This is done for your safety and the safety of the learning riders around you.    


Class will be conducted in spite of the weather forecast. In the event of unsafe surface conditions (example: ice on the range), then we will notify you to reschedule the class through contact information you provide us at the time of registration. Rain, heat, wind, and snow flurries are not causes for cancellation. We work around these types of conditions as best as possible keeping student safety the top priority. The outside activity will be stopped if lightning is present. 

Dress for the weather and be prepared for the expected and the unexpected. Weather can change without warning.  Pay special attention to summer heat and extreme winter wind chills. If you are sensitive to these types of weather conditions, consider attending sessions when the weather is milder; like in the late spring or fall months.


Students who are 17 years old and hold a valid motorcycle permit are required to have written permission from a parent or adult guardian.  If your parent or guardian is not present at the time of class registration, the application and waiver form must be notarized.


Spaces in the courses are limited. 

Much like an airline reservation, the class will go on even if you are not there.  If you do not attend or if you arrive late to class you will forfeit your course fee.  Once you have signed up and paid for training, it is non-refundable.

In very limited, extreme circumstances, as determined by CJRT, Inc. with 7 days advance notice we may be able to reschedule you into a class at a later date, subject to availability and if we are able to find a student to take your place in the class. A $50.00 administrative/rescheduling fee will be charged.

We do not guarantee any refunds or rescheduling. Cancellation within three days of your scheduled class will result in forfeiture of all fees. 

Attendance is required for 100% of the course in order to successfully complete the program. If you are late to any session, you cannot continue the class and must forfeit all registration fees.