IMPORTANT: You MUST follow these instructions. You must complete the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) eCourse BEFORE the first day of your BRC class. 

  1. Follow the link to the MSF-USA website sent to you in your registration email. The email also will have your personal code to create your account and pay for the eCourse.

  2. Use your unique Promotional eCourse Code to access this course. (example – 12 digits CAPITAL letters and numbers such as – 11A2B3CDEFGH -

  3. Do NOT pay for the eCourse with your credit card number on the MSF website as your eCourse has already been purchased. If you put in your credit card, MSF will charge you for the course and neither MSF nor Central Jersey Rider Training will reimburse you for the eCourse fee for any reason. We cannot change this. The code you receive pays for the course.

  4. Print the completion certificate and bring it to class. You cannot qualify for the MVC test waivers without this certificate. CJRT has no flexibility on this.

  5. Be sure to print your eCourse Completion Certificate and bring it with you to class. We cannot accept viewing it on your phone or mobile device.

  6. Please be aware the eCourse Completion Certificate is ONLY valid for 30 days.  If you complete your eCourse too early for your class date, you will have to take it again to be sure your Certificate is valid for your course date.  There is no additional fee to return to the MSF account you created and retake the eCourse under your username.

  7. If you register and take the eCourse well in advance of your scheduled class you must not finish the final section more than 30 days prior to your class. The certificate that prints at the end of the eCourse is only valid as part of you BRC completion and if it is within 30 days.